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We are screenwriters/filmmakers and our mission is to bring quality scripts in all genres from script to screen, and via the internet, to bring exposure to talented writers and filmmakers to provide them with exposure to showcase their talents. We believe, that there are many talented people who just need an opportunity and we can be helpfull to provide you with the access you deserve.


We have now produced and released our film entitled, The Last American Vampire, Mercy's Revenge (a Horror Movie.) We filmed the entire movie in R.I. It only took us 14 hours to shoot this feature film on a ultra low budget. 

Synopsis: In 1892 in the small village of Exeter, R.I., the entire community we're dying from  unknown causes, both young and old were falling victim to this infliction. the only thing they all had in common were bites on their necks. One particular family the Brown family had already lost their wife, young daughter, and the older daughter Mercy at the young age of 19 years old. The whole community was fearful, that this was the work of a Vampire. Mr.Brown was about to lose his youngest son, so to make certain, that Mercy hadn't turned into a Vampire, they unearthed her grave, they found her body in perfect condition, she had blood dripping from the sides of her mouth. In order to save his son, Mr.Brown was informed by his reverend Reverend Moses, that Mercy was indeed a Vampire and the only way to save his son and the community was to drive a stake through Mercy's heart, tear it out and dismember her body. Reluctantly, Mr.Brown did do what the Reverend suggested and that started the folklore, that Mercy Brown was indeed a Vampire. 100 years later, 1992, 6 college kids from the University of Connecticut are=2 0driving to the the University of R.I. for a party. It was a cold, rainy night, they could hardly see, but the driver Jason, a cocky jock, tells his friends, that he'll get them their safely. As Jason is driving along, suddenly he notices a young woman in the road, he stares the car to avoid her and ends up swerving and getting stuck beside a house. Jason and hid friends are shaken by what they've seen and are stuck . One of Jason's friends Mark decides, that they need to get help, so they run through the pouring rain and enter the house. The house is very old and there is no phone, so they decide to stay there until someone comes along and notices their abandoned car. Once inside, one by one, each gets killed, they have bite marks on their necks. Could this be the work of Mercy Brown 100 years later...or is Mercy trying to tell them about what happened to her and stop them from getting murdered?


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